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Cardo Packtalk Black Special Edition



  • effective range max. 1.2 km, up to 15 people
  • up to max. 8 km intercom range in a group
  • the world's only intercom with dual technology: DMC ™ (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) and Bluetooth®
  • DMC intercom technology: for large groups of bikers (up to 15 bikers) within a dynamic, self-adapting network
  • seamless group communication remains intact even if participants leave the group at will or join it again
  • Bluetooth® mobile phone and navigation device coupling via Bluetooth® (coupling ability of the navigation device must be checked)
  • Bluetooth® intercom modalities: conference mode
  • Cardo Gateway ™: enables intercom connections to other manufacturers
  • Intercom to cell phone: If the intercom range is exceeded, calls are automatically transferred from the intercom to the cell phone
  • DMC bridge: for integration in Packtalk conversations from passengers with Bluetooth intercom devices or from cell phone callers
  • private chat: Closed 1: 1 conversations with all other Packtalk conference participants hidden
  • mobile phone conference mode with inclusion of external callers and intercom participants
  • voice-controlled speed dial
  • speed ​​dial button (can be saved individually)
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty




      • Music / Radio Functionalities:
        • parallel audio streaming
        • Music Sharing ™ - from driver and front passenger (can simultaneously receive the same audio source and listen to the same stereo music (via A2DP))
        • built-in FM radio with RDS and 6 storable stations
      • Device Settings and Customization:
        • Natural Voice Operation (This innovative technology allows the device to be operated easily, safely and intuitively using voice commands. It is no longer necessary to press buttons, your hands remain on the handlebars. A simple command “Hey Cardo”, followed by the command for the Desired action eg "Radio on" is sufficient and the device does the rest. (The device knows over 20 of the most important commands)
        • easy to use operation and spoken status announcements (multilingual)
        • Cardo Connect ™ app for Android and iOS (use your smartphone as a remote control / individual device adaptation)
        • Cardo Update for software updates
        • cutting-edge technology for massive noise reduction and suppression of environmental noise
        • AGC technology automatically adapts the volume to environmental noise and driving speed
        • compatible with other Cardo® headsets
      • General Features:
        • exclusive "roller & touchpad" interface for intuitive manual operation (can also be operated with winter gloves)
        • interchangeable microphone set for hybrid gooseneck and cable applications
        • Up to 13 hours of talk time / 1 week of stand-by
        • water and dust protected


      • 1 x Cardo main unit
      • 1 x Cardo gooseneck microphone
      • 1 x Cardo cable microphone
      • 1 pair of JBL speakers, 45 mm
      • 1 x Cardo clamping plate
      • 1 x Cardo adhesive plate
      • 1 pair of Velcro fastenings, rectangular
      • 1 pair of Velcro fastenings, square
      • 1 pair of Velcro fastenings, round


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