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Active Heating Only Smart Thermostat Requires Professional Install



Hive Active Heating Smart Thermostat Kit – Self Installation
Heating control from your smartphone, tablet and laptop

Take control of your heating anytime, anywhere. Hive makes controlling your heating easy from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The next generation Hive brings you beautiful design, intuitive control and easy to use features. Hive works no matter who supplies your energy and will work with your existing heating system. With Hive you’ll never need to heat an empty home again so you could save up to £130 a year on your heating bills.



    Heating schedules & set up to 6 daily time slots
    Heating Boost & for up to six hours
    Automatic Frost Protection – helps prevent frozen pipes
    Geolocation – heating alerts when you leave or return home
    Holiday Mode – tell Hive your holiday dates and come back to a warm welcome
    Text control – send your command to Hive by text
    Temperature graphs – keep track of how you are using your heating

What you’ll need:

A working central heating system, Hive can be installed on gas or LPG systems (and certain Electric Boilers).

An existing broadband connection with a spare Ethernet port connection.

An extra power socket close to your broadband router.

For the Hive app you’ll need an Apple iPhone or iPad (iOS 9 or higher) or a device running Android (min 4.4).

Laptop or tablet with internet access and an up-to-date web browser (we recommend minimum: Microsoft Edge or the latest versions of Google, Chrome, Firefox and Safari).

Your Hive kit includes:

    Wireless Thermostat & lets you control your heating when you're at home.
    Hub & plugs into your broadband router so you can control your thermostat remotely.
    Receiver – enables your thermostat and hub to communicate with your boiler.


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