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Tetrax Universal Fix Way Car Mount

Just as our TETRAX XWAY has an excellent ability to hold your Smartphone (iPhone), PDA or GPS navigator on the air vent of your vehicle, FIXWAY utilizes the same concept for a dashboard. It comes with 2 small square, self-adhesive metal plates (20mm x 20mm), which can be placed on any flat surface. Back side of a FIXWAY unit is magnetic and designed to attach perfectly to one of those metal squares provided.

This allows FIXWAY to be placed or removed at any time. Front side of FIXWAY incorporates 4 powerful magnets and a steel X-shaped frame, over injected with anti vibration rubber for a perfect stability - it allows a comfortable use of touch screen devices. 4 frontal magnets (patented) of any TETRAX model do not interfere with electronics when connected, due to the opposite polarity layout (magnetic field is neutralized when TETRAX is in use).

Self-adhesive metal clip (included in every package) has to be attached to the back of your Smartphone / GPS system or to their cases in order to use it with TETRAX.
Practical, reliable, light and compact - FIXWAY is a perfect dashboard holder for multiple gadgets.



  • TETRAX FIXWAY is designed to support the majority of GPS navigators and Smartphones currently available on the market, by holding them safely and securely on your Dash.


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